James Brown Visits Bobrisky at Kirikiri Correctional Centre


Lagos, Nigeria — Nigerian crossdresser James Brown has visited his colleague Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, who is currently serving a six-month prison sentence at the Kirikiri Correctional Centre in Lagos for the abuse of naira notes.

James Brown announced the visit in a post on his Instagram page on Friday, where he shared details of his trip to the correctional facility alongside some other individuals. “I went to Kirikiri prison to visit Bobrisky to know if she is alright,” Brown wrote, expressing concern for Bobrisky’s well-being.

Bobrisky’s Remand
In April, the Nigerian Correctional Service, through a statement signed by its spokesperson Rotimi Oladokun, confirmed that Bobrisky was remanded in a male custodial centre. The statement highlighted that Bobrisky was required to adhere to all regulations and rules at the facility, including the dress code. Despite the high-profile nature of Bobrisky’s case, the correctional service emphasized that the crossdresser was treated equally like other inmates within the facility.

Background of the Case
Bobrisky’s incarceration stems from charges related to the abuse of naira notes, an offense taken seriously under Nigerian law. The sentencing reflects the legal system’s stance on maintaining the dignity and respect of the national currency.

Support from Colleagues
James Brown’s visit underscores the support within the community of Nigerian crossdressers and highlights the solidarity among them, especially during challenging times. Brown’s visit not only aimed to check on Bobrisky’s condition but also served as a gesture of moral support.

Public Reaction
The news of the visit has sparked various reactions on social media, with many expressing sympathy for Bobrisky while others debate the legal and societal implications of the case. Bobrisky, a controversial figure known for challenging traditional gender norms in Nigeria, continues to draw significant public interest.

James Brown’s visit to Bobrisky at the Kirikiri Correctional Centre marks a poignant moment of solidarity within the community. As Bobrisky serves out the remainder of the six-month sentence, the case continues to be a focal point for discussions on legal, social, and human rights issues in Nigeria.


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