Why I relocated my business to Lagos-Cubana Chief Priest



Lagos, June 6, 2024 – Prominent businessman and socialite Pascal Okechukwu, widely known as Cubana Chief Priest, has revealed the reasons behind his decision to relocate his business operations from the South-East region to Lagos.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Igbo, Okechukwu cited escalating insecurity and local complicity in criminal activities as primary factors influencing his move.

Okechukwu expressed deep concerns about the safety and business environment in the South-East, highlighting how pervasive hunger has driven some community members to support and assist criminals. “There is widespread hunger in the South-East. It is our own community members who provide criminals with information,” he stated.


The businessman noted a disturbing trend where affluent individuals have become targets for crime, leading to a significant decline in their presence during festive periods. “Our people began targeting the wealthy, so the wealthy stopped returning home during festivities. That’s why I moved to Lagos to conduct my business,” Okechukwu explained.

The move to Lagos, he believes, offers a more secure and conducive environment for his business endeavors. The decision underscores the broader challenges facing the South-East, where insecurity and economic hardships continue to impact local communities and businesses.

As Cubana Chief Priest settles into Lagos, his relocation reflects a growing trend among business owners seeking safer havens for their operations amid rising regional instability. This development calls for urgent attention to the underlying issues plaguing the South-East, emphasizing the need for comprehensive solutions to restore security and economic stability.


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