Niger Republic bans Nigeria-bound flights from its airspace



In a recent development, a circular issued yesterday has mandated the cessation of flights to and from Nigeria, marking a significant change in air travel regulations. Meanwhile, the Republic of Niger has announced the immediate reopening of its airspace to both domestic and international commercial flights.

Under the updated directive, commercial flights passing through Nigerien airspace without making a landing will remain unaffected by the imposed restrictions. However, all flights operating within Niger’s airspace must ensure the continuous functionality of their ADS-B and/or radar transponders throughout the entirety of their journey.

The government of Niger took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce the unimpeded access of national and international commercial flights to its airspace, with the sole exception being flights to or from Nigeria.

Furthermore, the statement stressed the imperative for all flights traversing Niger to comply with the requirement of maintaining active ADS-B and/or radar transponders.

Additionally, the announcement reiterated the ongoing closure of Niger’s airspace to military, operational, and special flights, emphasizing that such flights would only be permitted with prior authorization from the relevant authorities. It clarified that the circular exclusively pertains to Niger and Nigeria and does not annul any existing Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) currently in effect.

In conclusion, the circular reaffirms its focus on Niger and Nigeria and underscores that it does not supersede any active NOTAMs.


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