Chiwetalu Agu: How I secured N20m contract from Mike Adenuga


Ace  Nigerian actor Chiwetalu Agu,  has recalled how he got a contract worth N20 million from Mike Adenuga, the billionaire businessman when he had not touched a million naira

In a recent interview on the ‘WithChude’ podcast, the ace actor  said Adenuga initially offered him N10 million for a project.

Agu said at the peak of negotiation Adenuga offered him N10million, but he turned it down as he insisted on N20million.

He said he was about to leave Adenuga’s office when the business mogul eventually agreed to pay him N20 million for the project  which he did not reveal.

He described the contract agreement with Adenuga as the “most wonderful thing at that moment” adding that,  “Chief Mike Adenuga said, what I have for you in this contract is N10 million. I have not seen one million naira before when he was pricing me N10 million. But I refused and said if not N20 million, forget it.

“He insisted. So I pretended to rise up, saying give me money to go back to Enugu. If there should be anything like the next available flight, can you get it for me and let me quietly go back home?

“They regarded me as being serious when I rose up from the seat. Chief Mike Adenuga said ‘sit down’, He ordered them to bring the documents for signing.

“I did it diplomatically in the office. I did not want them to know that N20 million was a big thing. But it was the most wonderful thing at that moment.”


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