2023: Don’t use religion to divide Nigerians, Imam of National Mosque cautions politicians

The Imam (Murshid) of the Abuja National Mosque, Professor Shehu Ahmad Saidu Galadanchi has cautioned politicians to desist from using religion to divide Nigerians, as it will impact on the country negatively.

Galadanchi spoke during the National Inter- Religion conference organised  by the Kano State Government,  observing that some politicians, from both Christianity and Islam, have already started exploiting religion to cause confusion and violence in their campaigns.
His words: “Some of our politicians, unfortunately from the two religions, are using their religion to emphasize our differences and cause disagreements, violence and fight among Nigerians.

“This has already begun to happen during their campaigns in many places. Some of these politicians are determined to rig the coming elections by hook or by crook; they are determined to use all illegal methods in their campaigns, including religion, to achieve their goals.

“Let me say that one would be standing on a highly dented ground if he used religion in this manner and at the expense of his own country.
“I find it pertinent, in a situation like this, to remind ourselves as Nigerians that Almighty Allah has graciously granted us, in this country, unlimited bounties. We have a very beautiful country. This is a very beautiful country, a very fertile country, full of natural and human resources.”

Galadanchi observed that all of these were granted to Nigeria so that its people would work together for its development and to bring it at equal standing with the rest of the developed world.

He restated that the political class must be reeducated to recognize the fact that Islam and Christianity preach tolerance and peaceful coexistence among its people and among the members of the human community.


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